The Crammer

Marc Ace Palaganas (20)

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree Holder

Polytechnic University of the Philippines




He may not be the best but still an Ace his own name exemplifies. From being an accomplished international performer, he turned to literary arts- a life away from the spotlight. His passion found its way back home as he embraced anew his innate affair with writing. He loves to discover, and as he explores the world, his perspectives will always be to feature every beauty every thing and every human has to offer.

Upon finishing a journalism degree with flying colors, he has discovered his niche as a freelance journalist in a health and lifestyle journal, a travel magazine, a science blog, multiple news websites, various advocacy blogs, and a social entrepreneurship network. His innate affair with writing eventually brought him to the business of recruitment and human resource. A writer and an advocate at heart, serving people through his capacity for words have been his passion.